Support Workers wanted


Because of my disability (MS) I have support to help me get on with life (Click here to see the job description.).

I live near to UEA

When I’m well enough, I enjoy going to art exhibitions, and catching up with friends. I’m a Human Rights campaigner when I have the energy. Most of the time I am in bed resting as I experience extreme fatigue. I am a wheelchair user and I have difficulty moving my hands and arms.

Part-time Support Worker 14hrs / 21hrs per week.                        Pay is £8.50 per hour
Weekend Support Worker 7.5hrs per week.                                      Pay is £8.50 per hour


You don’t have to have any particular experience to do the job, or any knowledge of MS. Support workers just need to be empathic. The job is just about daily life really. (Everyone gets to shadow another support worker before their first shift to see what it’s like to do the job.)

Quote from a support worker:
“I’d never done support work before, it wasn’t even a job I’d considered, but Jan’s advert appealed to me so went for the job anyway. Definitely the right choice – a lot of the job is simply common sense and using a little initiative. Jan is great to work for and makes an effort to make your job easier by giving such clear and easy-to-follow instructions. I’ve been working here for nearly 2 years” Amber (support worker and environmental scientist)

Shifts are 8am–3pm and 3pm–10.30pm

The job is only open to women because it involves dressing me

Interested? Have a look at the job description.
Email me for an application form at or call me on 07563337063